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James Hearn

Full Name: James Daniel Guy Hearn

Date Of Birth: 19th June 1976

Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
Height: 5ft 11in

Eyes: Blue-green

Shoe Size: 10

Lives: Denham, Bucks

Family: Mum, Dad, 2 sisters

Nickname: His family call he Weed, because when he was 8 years old he was having his hair combed and he started crying. Even his 3 year old nephew call he Uncle Weed. The other member of the band define him "Ultra Sensitive" or "VOD" which stand for - Voice Of Doom, referring to his 'aggressive' attitude which mostly comes about after a stressful day in the recording studio.

Pets: Two dogs; Sam and Kim and a cat called Mitty

He's the: Lead singer

Before Ultra... He did Geography and Management Studies at Leeds University. He's also worked at McDonald's and cleaned hotel rooms

Fave pop/rock personality and/or band: Peter Gabriel , Stereo MCs

Fave TV programme/movie: Eastenders, The Return of the Jedi

Fave food: Thai and pasta

Fave possession: His piano

Fave pastime: Playing the piano

Fave person/s: His parents

His Passion:
Shopping: "I'm shopaolic. When we are in tour I miss so much my family, so I look to shopping for consolation. When I have time I go into music or elettronic shops and I buy everything!"
Discman: "I have just buy new portable CD player"
The': "I drink about seven-eight cup of day. It' my only drug"
Videocassette: "I collect videocassettes. I have many of them, especially of cartoon or funny movie We have a video-recorder on our bus. When we travel on UK we see often the Mr. Been adventures or Jetro, his is the new comic actor not very popular in Europe"

Most Embarrassing Moment: He walked on stage whit a pair of sunglasses, trying to be as cool as possible and fell on the fans.

Don't tell anyone but... He say that not like the your ears becouse one's a bit inside out!

What sort of girls do you go for? Sportly, short, tanned or dark skin whit dark hair in bob and say, "they're most sexy when they don't know they're sexy!"