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Jon O'Mahony

Full Name: Jonathan (Jon) Dennis O'Mahony

Date Of Birth: 10th August 1973

Sign of the zodiac: Leo

Height: 6ft 1in

Eyes: Light Blue

Shoe Size: 11 to 12

Lives: Watford

Family: Mum, Dad, 2 older sisters

Nickname: Johnny-Boy, JD

He's the: Drummer

Pets: He has a dog called Ben and a couple of hamsters called Pebbles and Biscuit

Before Ultra... Jon used to be a tennis coach and even trained at the world famous Tennis Academy in America alongside Wilmbledom champoin, Anna Kournicova. He once even played against tennis ace Boris Becker! Wanna guess who won that match? :-) I used to teach tennis in Florida and then I organised black-tie (posh) dances/balls

Fave pop/rock personality and/or band: Madonna, Pink Floyd

Fave TV programme/movie: Friends, The Godfather

Fave food: Italian, Chinese

Fave possession: Teddybear made for me when I was a year old

Fave pastime: Sports (golf, tennis, gym)

Fave person/s: Family

His passion:
Filofax: "In this electronic telephone/fax/diary there is all my life. Date, telephone number, important datum, little outline for the songs, my friends' birthday date.... If I lose it, I'll will be in trouble!"
Bracelet: "It's golden and it's my ex-girlfriend's gift for my 22 years. We are engaged for three years. I continue to wear it because give me much beautiful memory "
Say It Once: "It's our first CD and I carry it always with me like a mascot. It represent our dreams come true and much hard work. Finally...!"
Sunglasses: "Who have clear eyes like me suffered all year from conjunctive: this sunglasses are my salvation"
My dog: "I has a dog called Ben but it is died few years ago... I'll forget it never!"

Most Embarrassing Moment: The hair disaster

Don't tell anyone but ... He has a sun tattoo and hasn't dared tell his mum

What sort of girls do you go for? Brunettes with dark eyes. He like very much Natalie Imbruglia and Sinead from B*Witched