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Michael Harwood

Full name: Michael Stuart Harwood

Date of birth: 12th December 1975

Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius

Height: 6ft

Eyes: Browny-green

Shoe Size: 12

Lives: Northwood, near Watford

Family: Mum, Dad, only child

Nickname: Speedy

He's the: Guitarist

Pets: A dog called Rupert, cos he looks like a bear

Before Ultra ... Attended City University in North London studying Business Studies and Financial Markets, modelled in his spare time for four months

Fave pop/rock personality and/or band: George Michael

Fave TV programme/movie: Star Wars

Fave food: Pizza

Fave possession: My Guitar

Fave pastime: Song-writing

Fave person/s: Mum, Dad and the band

His passion:
Sunglasses: "I can't do without my sunglasses! I go to bed at 3am so the next day I have shadows under my eyes and they hid them"
Inhaler: "I suffered from asthma! This little inhaler have saved my life often"
Beer: "My prefer beer is Red Bull."
Peluche: "It's called Buba and it's the little seal of peluche family's seals. It's a gift from my ex-girlfriend and now it's my mascot especially when I fly because I'm afraid to fly, you know!"

Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling over on stage

Don't tell anyone but ... He's quite shy

What sort of girls do you go for? Mediterranean girls. Dark eyes and skin..."Actually I like every type of girl (heh)"