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Nick Keynes

Full Name: Nicholas (Nick) Ian Keynes

Date Of Birth: 3rd May 1974

Sign of the zodiac: Taurus

Height: 6ft 3 inches

Eyes: Grey-green

Shoe Size: 10

Lives: Cheshire, Bucks

Family: Mum, Dad, 1 sister

Nickname: Parsons, after Nicholas Parsons (old game-show host!) or "The Cat" because when he played football in school as goalkeeping jumped around like a cat

He's the: Bassist

Pets: A cat called Milton

Before Ultra... Degree in accountancy at Southampton, worked in a golf club. He was in another band called Electric Mother, he and his friends once sabotage another group because they were 'just so good. Ran a magazine called Golf News and have worked uncle's Golf Club.

Fave pop/rock personality and/or band: The Beatles

Fave TV programme/movie: The Jackal

Fave food: Thai

Fave possession: Ferrari necklace

Fave pastime: Playing the guitar

Fave person/s: Mum

His passion:
Car: "Now everyone know I love Ferrari"
Chewing gum: "I can't do without chewing gum, they help me to relax and to have good breath. My mother tell me don't chew when I'm on TV, say "you ruminate so much that you mean a cow".
Jacket: "I'm very attached to sky jacket that I have since much time, it's my mascot"
Necklace: "Wear always this Ferrari's necklace also of night."

Most Embarrassing Moment: Played in a school where a girl flashed her breasts at them!

Don't tell anyone but ... I drive a rusty 1981 Volkswagen Polo which cost 150 pounds, worship the Formula1 and he want become the next Schumacher

What sort of girls do you go for? A real mixture, beautiful, intelligent, funny, kind and able to laugh at the jokes he cracks! - and there aren't many women who do that!