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ULTRA are four young lads from the depths of Buckinghamshire. Four lads, four different lives: there's James Hearne (vocals) Jon O' Mahoney (drums), Nick Keynes (bass) and Michael Harwood(guitar). Well before their debut single has been released, they've caused waves of excitement, with their appearances on Louise and Boyzone's UK tours. They've been picked out by the likes of Smash Hits, Bliss and Live & Kicking as the band to watch in 1998. Their fans are already mad for the foursome as JAMES HEARN found out only too quickly on Boyzone's tour - "The first couple of gigs scared me half to death!" he laughs. "All these girls came racing backstage to get our autographs - my brand new T-shirt was torn to pieces in the process!"

The Boyzone tour, which finished at Wembley Arena on November 12th, meant that ULTRA were able to play to thousands of fans the length and breadth of the UK; they also played school dates at every opportunity and on at least four occasions, had to drive their van onto unmapped roads in order to lose car loads of fans who were running red lights and taking all sorts of chances in order to catch a glimpse of their new heroes.

Lead guitarist MICHAEL HARWOOD added, "I haven't signed my name so much since I sat my last lot of exams at school - and I didn't do that many..."

NICK KEYNES, who joined the band on bass guitar relatively recently, said, "I cut my finger playing the guitar onstage the other night and when we came off and went back to the dressing room, this girl was there with a great big box of plasters! I asked her if she travelled around with a first aid kit..."

Drummer JOHN O'MAHONY, who has been driving the band's van to and from the school gigs, is the only one of the band who's any good at getting up in the morning. "The other day we had two school gigs to do - believe it or not one of them was at Assembly at 9 o'clock in the morning! Michael's particularly bad at getting up in the morning, so I had to tell him the gig was at 8am so he'd be up in time! Actually we all looked a bit rough that morning - and it's quite funny to be screamed at before 8 o'clock in the evening!"

JON, JAMES AND MICHAEL all met at school. Jon was organising balls (of the dancing variety before you all start!) where he met James and Michael (who were in the same class). Four years, three lads, two degrees and a tennis training course later, NICK appeared. Having hung out with the guys at the studio where he worked, he heard they needed a bass player and before you could say Mark King (master of the bass guitar!) Nick was the fourth member.

Go on then... explain yourselves!
"We are a pop group," says Michael, "and we're not ashamed to say it. It's about time there was a great pop band back on the scene and we want to be it!" James adds, "You know the old classics that you dance to down the disco... that's what we want to be remembered for. The 90's version of Wham!"

With such enthusiasm, it's easy to see why these four lads want success so badly. Musical influences range from Spandau Ballet, The Beatles, Stereo MCs, Wham and Sade. But when you listen to their music, it's a blend of everything - catch them live and you'll be surprised beyond doubt! They're ready, willing and able. In fact they're ULTRA. One listen and you'll be hooked - see you down the disco!

Well give us a listen then!!
Ultra's first single 'Say You Do' is out in April

How about a look?
They're bound to be in your neck of the woods before long - they'll be touring British clubs and schools throughout early 1998!