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The Sun Shines Brighter

Second Album

In May 2006, it seemed the band was to be revived for the release of its second album "The Sun Shines Brighter".

But it was a false alarm, because this album did not include new pieces, but never-before-released songs of 2000/2001 which were rearranged for this CD. It was exclusively sold by on-line stores and the advance sale began more than 2 months before... 2 months of exasperating wait!

It should be noted that James did not take part in this work which was developed by Goldust Productions, that is only by Jon, Michael and Nick.

The Sun Shines Brighter - Secondo Album

Title Runtime
01 The Sun Shines Brighter 3.56
02 All Of The Above 4.12
03 Don't Let Go 3.22
04 Ordinary Love 3.09
05 In Your Smile 4.12
06 I Want You Now 3.55
07 Whatever 3.35
08 Wanted 3.44
09 Right Here Right Now 3.50
10 Happiness 4.15
11 Feeling Alive 4.00
12 Love At Last 4.15
13 Do You Still
(traccia nascosta)