This page includes news of Ultra's times.

Ultra was in Italy for 3 concerts Napoli, Roma, Milano it would have had to be in Bari too but it has been cancelled. They played 11 songs for every concert: "Say You Do", "Up And Over", "Whatever", "Rescue Me", "Somebody", "Human After All", "Blind To The Groove", "Shine", "Sunshine Brighten", "New Dimension", "Say It Once"! Only in Rome they went out from backstage to sign autographs after the concert!

Nick wrote 2 song, one of them is "Sunshine Brighten" that will be the new single! Maybe it will be released on January (maybe maybe, maybe on December but it's enough impossible) and the new album between February/March apparently!

Ultra got a sponsor in Italy: it's "Sasch", a good brand of clothes and James was the only that wore a black T-shirt and a nice pair of trousers by it on the Italian tour!

Ultra will start their Italian tour on May, seem they will play in 8 date on the most important city of the country.

Ultra came back in Italy two week ago for recorded a great Italian music show called "Night Express". Thay played live and performing "Say It Once" and "Rescue Me" songs obviously live. The first song was really good and James make a duet with Laura Pausini (popular Italian young singer), it was great because the two singer have two voice really different. James have a voice warm, deep and full on the contrary Laura have a strong and shrill voice. This union was really good!

The "Rescue Me" video have been recorded in a sport centre in Peckam near London. When you watch the video you can see James sat on the empty swimming pool and a little white light move under him. An operator spent two hours there for to move the light. The artificial snow is a little bit dangerous so sometime the lads put on a mask for save they health. That days was very tired for four lads!

Today is released in UK their firts album "ULTRA".

In every Italian girl's magazine there is an article or little phrase about Ultra.

Their song "Blind To The Groove" pass often on Italian radio station local and national.

The "Rescue Me" single have been released on 4th January and already after one week was Nº8 in the UK chart.

In Italy, the "Say It Once" video have been the video more request for 1998 on MTV.

Friday, in the TV program called "Hit List Italia" on MTV there was the charts of ALBUM, Ultra were 19th surpassing also the famous R.E.M.. The "Say It Once" song is in everywhere, like music background in the fashion report or in the promotional messages and in the compilation about the best song for 1998.

Ultra are came in Italy for the charity's TV program called "Telethon".

Those days Ultra are turning around the European. Ultra was in Sweden and now are in Italy for recorder the "La festa del disco" perfomance and another show.

Today, in Top Selection on MTV, Ultra are 16th in the charts about the video more request in the week. Ok, better and better!!

Always today 27 November, I believe that is the first time that MTV broadcast the "3x1" of Ultra. For who don't know It: the "3x1" means 3 video of the same group or artist (1). MTV have broadcaste "Say It Once", "The Right Time" and the new video "Blind To The Groove". This is clearly a sign of Ultra's success.

Well, well, well. Ultra get ashore also in the publicity. Good blow, lads!! In Italy there is from few time a car's publicity You gues which song is the background sound? Obviously the fantastic "Say It Once"!!

The stage of their Italian tour will be inspired by Stoehnege movie! But the boys don't want add others, so they promise surprises!!

Ultra perform them in a Italian show called Sanremofamosi. When "our" got on the stage there has been a great surprise: James has one's beautiful hair cut and now has an haircut like Nick, Michael and Jon. The haircut doesn't take away nothing to his charm and He is much cute. Supposing that it's possible :-D but judge You.

Their new single and video recordered in Italy will be "Blind To The Groove".

The "Say It Once" video was recorded in Majorca because the lads want an hot place in the sun after have recorded "Say You Do" video in the cold... James says that It was a freezing experience!!!

For all four boys, their best friends are without doubt the band's members. But the James' best friends is Sophie, they know each other since when were 15 years old. For Michael was Chris, their was a special epistolary and telephone friendship. Once they met during an holiday in Philippine and the magic vanished suddenly. For Jon are many girls. For Nick is Rich, his next-door neighbourhood, they know each other since when were 3 years old. Then there is Taren, that updates his university notes when He is in tour.

Before Nick's entry in the band, James, Michael and Jon quarrelled very often. Before to have a manager and a record staff that control them, sometime they come to blows. James and Michael sometime quarrel about affairs that interesting the groups: lyrics, music and production. Michael says that everyone has his personal vision and wants impose It, dispute is normal.

Jon and Michael have the obsession for the challenge. The last time they have bet to drink 10 beer's tin in 5 minutes. Jon win, because Michael stopped at the fifth tin!

James plays the piano since when was 12 years old, in their CD "Ultra" he plays It. In the next video that will release in Italy we'll see Jon, Nick and Michael to play the instruments and James at the piano.

In a Asia performance, the small seat get break and He have fell on the stage, fortunately He stay well.
Jon says that He has an infallible technique for to conquer a girls: a romantic invitation to dinner at candlelight. He knows that the girls goes crazy for this. ...WOW...!! :-)

Michael begun his carrier as model when was 17 years old, was really highly-rated and his photos were in all magazine.
He hate to fly because three years ago he had a bad adventure with a turbulence. Now is always a bit strained when fly.

When Nick is in Italy for the performance, the Ferrari lose the F1 Champion World (Argh!)=(, he is very upset for this and He have sad that Schumacher has make many mistakes.

In a four weeks Ultra will going to record their third new single "Rescue Me".

The Video of single "Say It Once" was record completely in the Mediterraneo whit a budget as high as the first "Say You Do" record on skyscraper in New York.

The budget of video of single "The Right Time" on the contrary was very limited but James say: "We haven't to give up to the beautiful girls that there are in the Video!!".

James, Jon, Michael and Nick have make a bet. They have want to launch their firts album only in Italy, in Europe it isn't released and they was sure to fail. They have lose the bet, infact in not much of mounth their album "Ultra" is in Italian Top Ten.

The single "The Right Time" is available in two versions, the first with 3 songs, while the second is a limited edition with 2 songs and the possibility to see on the computer their video.